With the beginning of the school year comes many opportunities to get to know your students.

Our class participated with gusto.

Colours, foods, subjects, family structure, etc. were shared with enthusiasm.

We also completed the statement: “In the future I want to be … ”

App designers, Policemen, Hairdressers, Occupational Therapists, the list goes on.

However, I’ve been pondering, as I do, and I wondered why we included the word ‘be’?


Do we need to ‘be’ something?  Could we change the wording to “In the future I want to ..”?

I want to:

  • help find a cure for cancer
  • deep sea dive
  • travel the world
  • visit a refugee camp

Hmmm, to be or just to?

In the future I want to keep reflecting …

.reflecting sunglasses.jpg

Photo courtesy of https://pixnio.com/objects/sunglasses-mirror-reflection-object-summer