I am an avid ‘Bookmarker’ and, today, I came to the realisation that this is not an organisational skill.

Curating is an organisational skill.

Today, I made the transformation from ‘Bookmarker’ to ‘Curator’.

I have almost completed my 4th Year Bachelor of Education upgrade. For those about to start the journey or those in the throes of the journey, I would recommend becoming a Curator rather than a Bookmarker.

For those who are avid bookmarkers, I would recommend you make the transformation to Curator.

Today I have ‘sifted through’ my bookmarks and curated them into an organised, useful collection.

My curation choice is Pearltrees. This curation tool that allows you to create collections to store your favourite websites, images, etc.

There are a number of Curation Tools to choose from and I have curated some articles on my Pearltrees site under Curation Tools.

For those who are interested, I am pleased to share my collection.

Do you have a favourite curation tool?