I discovered this free software during a recent semester of study. I’m glad I did.

Inspired by my lecturers I used Screencast-O-Matic to record ‘How to’ video tutorials.    Just quietly I may have overdone it.

For the visual learner this is gold. No more screen shots, no more lengthy procedural texts. 

As an educator I can see many benefits. Your ‘How to’ recording can be uploaded to Youtube for your students to watch at any time.

Here’s a sample tutorial I created for a recent assessment.

As you can tell I’m still an amateur. A recommendation would be to have a script to follow to eliminate numerous re-takes.

My son is now considering how to use it to record Minecraft “how to” videos. He showed me how I could have my webcam running while I was recording. But I am not 9 and I believe that my voice was ‘scary’ enough, let alone my image as well.

In my opinion Screencast-O-Matic is Screencast-O-Magic