Once upon a time, there was a community of people who were brought together for the betterment of education.  They were collectively known as edfd459 and they formed an eCoP.

Together they learned from and with each other about Learning Spaces. Together they supported each other, shared their knowledge and their resources.

There were challenges along the way:

  • New terminology to grasp (ACS, FLS, blog, URL, liminal, artefact, egg, PLN, )
  • New skills to acquire (open in a new page, website creation, twitter)
  • World crisis to research
  • Innovative initiatives to consider
  • Social events to turn down 

But the challenges were not obstacles.

They were led by a supportive team (some who were required to lead, some who wanted to join the leadership team and others who were invited to join the leadership team) and they were encouraged to embrace the challenges, transform their thoughts, upgrade their skills and make a difference.

And they did.

In recognition of my edfd459 eCoP.

Thank you and may you continue to create new CoPs wherever you may go.